Get a Move On! Fitness for the FUN of It

Get a Move On! Fitness for the FUN of It

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Re-think your fitness goals with a NO BS, NO JUDGEMENT, SHAME-FREE program full of fun, community, and inspiration.

This 4 week program uses the Dance+Play=Thrive Formula to support You! This program is for people who are new to fitness, already have a fitness routine (might be bored), or want to connect with people who enjoy fitness activities without the negativity present in many fitness spaces and activities.

The Dance+Play=Thrive Formula helps you find fitness activities that you enjoy, discover what feels good for your body, develop trust in yourself, and celebrate your successes with like minded people who want to support you.

If you are tired of being told that you should feel bad for the way you move, eat, look, or live, this program is for you. Start the journey to feeling wonderful!

I'm Ready to Move!

Are you ready to feel good about your body and find the fitness activities you enjoy?

Get a Move On includes:

  • Weekly emails with intentions, the focus of the week, reflection prompts, worksheets to help you organize, motivation and inspiration.

  • Facebook community - a secret group where you can connect with others on this journey. It will the place to share anything and everything you desire to help you with this commitment.

  • Movement Journal - printable or editable on your device so you can see your process in real time.

  • Prompts for journaling and discovery.

  • Weekly group chats on Facebook Live (in the group).

  • A chance to win a 90 minute 1:1 deep dive session about anything you want.