Get a Body You’ll Love in 8 Weeks

Break up with diets and exercises that make you feel horrible about yourself

Your body knows what it wants, are you listening?

You are not the problem to be solved, the food you eat has no moral bearing on your worth, you deserve to exist in your body exactly as it is. Just by existing you are already qualified for Rebel Bodies, you know from experience that food plans, intense exercise, measuring body parts, and tracking every aspect of your health does not help you feel good about yourself.

I’m here to tell you there is another way to get confident, enjoy moving your body, and eat food you love.

Rebel Bodies is the premier body positive health and fitness coaching program for everyBODY to learn new strategies for developing habits that support your health. Imagine how you will feel when you have the confidence to pursue your passions, enjoy relationships with friends & family, all while living your life to the fullest. Together we kick the diets, self-loathing, and body shaming bullshit to the curb. We focus on joyful movement, nourishing self-care, intuitive eating, and other body acceptance approaches.

This 8 week program is the beginning of an on-going process of developing confidence and breaking away from systems that make you feel like you are all wrong With a group of participants you get the opportunities to feel inspired, to learn, to share, and to be supported in your efforts to love the skin you are in and pursue health in a flexible, authentic way.

Rebel Bodies take up space, speak with confidence, explore challenges, adapt to new situations, and look to the future. You will have a wealth of tools, strategies and support to live to your fullest potential.

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I like that it’s not focused on weight loss, diet, or specific gains, but rather on the importance of movement and fitness as a balanced life. I appreciated that there was no shaming, that it was about meeting people where they were, that there’s a realization that some days you gotta hide under the blankets instead of working out, that illness and injury are valid reasons to not work out.
— AJ, 2018 Program Participant
Seize the Day

Who is Rebel Bodies For?

  • People who have felt like they didn’t belong at a gym or in a fitness class, for any reason.

  • People who are bored or frustrated with trying to find exercises they enjoy.

  • People who want to feel good about their bodies.

  • People who are tired of the traditional diet, fitness, and/or wellness programs that make them feel shame or guilt.

  • People who want more energy to enjoy life and focus on the things that matter most.

This program puts you in the driver’s seat with your health and/or fitness goals. Other programs have rigid guidelines that restrict participants, Rebel Bodies does not. You get 8 weeks to explore, ask questions, and get the support you desire. You get full permission to ditch the beliefs and habits that are not working. It’s a program where there is not a wrong way of doing things, just your way. There are ZERO hidden agendas about weight loss, body type, diet, and/or fitness activities. You choose what motivates you, get the support you want, encourage others on this path, eat what you want, and put yourself first. It is a safe space for ALL bodies. 

I know what it’s like to fall for the bullshit of thinking that if my body looked a particular way I would suddenly be free from all the shame, guilt, and self-loathing. I’ve obsessed over numbers on a scale and made myself small in every sense of the word. You don’t have to restrict, deprive, or run miles on a treadmill in order to love your body. Restriction does not bring freedom or abundance. Your battle for self-acceptance stops here.

I believe that you deserve to improve your strength, reduce body pain, increase your energy, eat the foods you love,

enjoy activities that are fun, and feel really great about yourself.


Your Rebel Bodies Guide - Nancy Trunzo

I believe that your health journey is your own, you are worthy of loving and accepting your body. You deserve to enjoy moving your body in ways that are comfortable, safe, and without shame. You have the right to fitness training without pressure to lose weight, diet, or achieve a particular body shape.

In an industry that is focused on weight loss, I’m going against the grain to provide fitness training and health coaching for people who are tired of feeling bad about themselves. I focus on how you feel inside and out, quality of your life, help you ease pain(hopefully), build consistent habits, and support you as you develop confidence in your abilities.

Your body is not the enemy.

I spent many years of my life with restricting foods, obsessing about clothing sizes and numbers on a scale. Then I discovered how much I enjoyed dance and fitness and realized that was what provided happiness and confidence. I improved my boundaries, stepped into new challenges, and became passionate about helping others discover a happier relationship with their bodies.

Together we move forward on a path that makes sense for what you need, not one that is decided for you based on the often insidious nature of the diet/fitness/wellness industry.

I look forward to working with you! We have so much to discover.

In Wiggles & Wellness,


Rebel Bodies Program - A Journey to Heal the Relationship With Yourself

Rebel Bodies takes place over the course of 8 weeks. Every week you get access to the reading materials, worksheets, resources and journaling prompts to help your discoveries. There will be live weekly video conference coaching sessions with Nancy to further explore and implement the strategies presented that week’s material. Nancy will be your personal guide and pillar of support throughout the program to ensure that you get the results that you desire.

What you get:

  • A multi phase program over 8 weeks to transform your relationships to your body

  • Weekly units with strategies, resources, and implementation guides

  • Weekly group coaching sessions with Nancy

  • 3 1:1 coaching sessions with Nancy (VIP option)

  • At home fitness program for strength and cardio training with plans you can print out and video tutorials

  • Lifetime access to the Rebel Bodies community & support network

You can love your body right now, today – and the Rebel Bodies program will get you there.

  • Imagine the freedom that you will feel living a life without diets, weigh-ins, and workouts that you dread.

  • Imagine the joy you will experience when you walk past the mirror and love what you see.

  • Imagine the peace that you will feel when you can eat food you enjoy without shaming yourself

Week 1– Reclaiming Your Values and Joy

Invite joy and satisfaction into your life by getting clear on what brings you joy and allows you to feel good in your body. You will define your boundaries for how you treat yourself, how others treat you and begin learning about the language that you use and it’s impact on your body-mind-spirit. You will also begin to create a plan for joyful movement of your body.

Week 2 – Reveal Your Goals and Plans

You are full of gifts, skills, and wisdom. Combine those with your values and you have the secret sauce to making an amazing life! This week we dig into the “why” of the goals you have for your life, make a plan with support and stepping stones, and then begin to implement your dreams.

Week 3 – Reframe Negative Thoughts & Self-Talk

You are probably familiar with the process of getting excited about something and then obstacles start making your progress jump all over the place. Rather than falling back into old habits of blaming yourself and taking it out on your body, we will learn new ways to deal with resistance and your inner critic. We will especially look at how we talk about food.

Week 4 – Revel in Community

Often we feel that we must hide our flaws and insecurities and apologize for how our bodies look. You are part of a loving, supportive community to turn to as you learn to love your body exactly as it is. You will also explore the responsibilities that we have one another and why it is important that we support one another to love our bodies. This phase will teach how to stop the comparisons to other people and recognize that another person’s beauty and confidence does not pose a threat to your own beauty and worthiness of self-love.

Week 5 – Real World Applications

This is the midway point of the program, you get an opportunity to make changes with your schedule, your commitments, and feel freedom in knowing you are doing exactly what you need. This will the time to take the next steps in your challenges, and revisit your affirmations. You are making amazing progress and building habits that support your mindset for the rest of your life!

Week 6 - Relishing Nourishment on all Levels

Navigating how we relate to food is extremely complex. We go further into exploring what our bodies are telling us and being honest about how we engage in nourishment, self-care, and self-harm. Together we look at the NORMAL, UNDERSTANDABLE reasons you struggle with food and you get lots of tools to help you do things differently.

Week 7 - Ripple Effect of Having a Rebel Body

The program is called Rebel Bodies because what you have been doing in this program is a revolutionary act. You have decided to break free from the system that oppresses people based on the size of their body, their health status, their class, and even their race. How are you going to inhabit your body and take what you have learned out into the world so it helps others?

Week 8 - Release Anything Holding You Back

In this final week we bring all the pieces together. We will review your weekly action plans and reflection upon your experience in the program. You will create a plan of action for moving forward to maintain and build upon the progress you’ve made over the past 8 weeks.

Love Yourself
Nancy is fun, knowledgeable, and always willing to tailor an exercise or an entire program to fit each student’s individual needs.
— S. Richardson


Isn’t it time you

Celebrate your body?

I will fight for the right of every person to be at peace with their body.
— Nancy Trunzo