Join the revolution of fitness that focuses on how you feel, not how you look.

Welcome to your personal fitness revolution.

The Rebel Bodies Community is built on the idea that we all deserve to live a life free from shame about our bodies and our lives.

I’m Nancy Trunzo, a certified Health Coach, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, and Belly Dance Professional. I work with Middle Aged Adults (35 – 55) who are overwhelmed by fitness options, hate gym/diet/fitness culture, desperately want to feel better & have less pain, who are 100% ready to ditch feeling crappy about their bodies through fitness that is playful, safe, and feels good.

Who is the program for?

  • People who have felt like they didn’t belong at a gym or in a fitness class, for any reason.

  • People who are bored or frustrated with trying to find exercises they enjoy.

  • People who want to feel good in their bodies.

  • People who are tired of the traditional diet, fitness, and/or wellness programs that make them feel shame or guilt.

This program supports you via a private community that uses a NO BS, ZERO JUDGEMENT, SHAME-FREE approach to health, fitness, and wellness.

I have created a unique health and fitness program for people who can relate to anything I’ve said up to this point. I believe that you deserve to improve your strength, reduce body pain, increase your energy, eat the foods you love, enjoy activities that are fun, and feel really great about yourself.

Loving and Trusting Your Body is a Rebellious Act

This program puts you in the driver’s seat with your health and/or fitness goals. Other programs have rigid guidelines that restrict participants, Rebel Bodies does not. You get 8 weeks to explore, ask questions, and get the support you desire. You get full permission to ditch the beliefs and habits that are not working. It’s a program where there is not a wrong way of doing things, just your way. There are ZERO hidden agendas about weight loss, body type, diet, and/or fitness activities. You choose what motivates you, get the support you want, encourage others on this path, eat what you want, and put yourself first. It is a safe space for ALL bodies. 

Take a moment to breathe that into your body and really experience how that feels.

Program Overview

8 Weeks of goal setting, habit creating, and fun fitness exploration to reset your life. You’ll be part of a private Facebook Community for as long as you desire. We will have weekly live sessions for Q&A. You have the option to add 1:1 coaching sessions at a reduced rate.

If you are more of a DIY person you have the option to get weekly emails of the program content without the Facebook group option. 1:1 coaching sessions are still available to you.

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Program Overview

fitness for all bodies.jpg

1)    Week 1 – Reclaim Your Values

  • We ask “Why?” and dig deep.

  • Exploration of your core values and beliefs

  • Create your 10 Commandments

  • Motivation boosters and keeping yourself going when it’s tough.

2)    Week 2 – Resilient Goal Setting Getting Curious & Playful

  • Pushing the edges

  • Try 1 new thing

  • Dream BIG

3)    Week 3 – Reveal Your Superpowers

  • Flip the script on your Inner Critic

  • Secret to creating habits that work

  • Navigating competing commitments

  • Taking imperfect action

4)    Week 4 – Revel in Your Vision Celebrate!

  • What comes next

  • Mindset – past-present-future

  • Vision Board

5)    Week 5 – Renewing Your Movement Relationship

  • Assessing your fitness & environment

  • Home Fitness 101

  • Creating a plan that makes sense

  • Getting real with your schedule

6)    Week 6 – Recognize Your Ability to Manage Resistance

  • Resistance as your motivator

  • Using actual resistance exercises

  • Adapting your plan

  • Understanding your body’s movement patterns

enjoy food

7)    Week 7 – Receive and Relish Nourishment

  • Meal Planning for Busy People

  • Hydrate and Sleep

  • Self-Care Practices

  • Mindfulness

8)    Week 8 – Radiate that Confidence

  • More celebrating & future reward planning

  • Your confidence scripts

  • Revisit & Re-assess (Week 1 and Week 5)

  • Collaborate for your continued success

Program Cost & Payment Options

Full Membership Program

DIY Program - Email Delivery ONLY - No Group Access

Celebrate the uniqueness that is you! Weirdos and quirky folks are very welcome.

Celebrate the uniqueness that is you! Weirdos and quirky folks are very welcome.

Nancy - The Body Positive Health & Fitness Professional

I believe that your health journey is your own, you are worthy of loving and accepting your body. You deserve to enjoy moving your body in ways that are comfortable, safe, and without shame. You have the right to fitness training without pressure to lose weight, diet, or achieve a particular body shape.

In an industry that is focused on outward looks, I’m going against the grain to provide fitness training and health coaching for people who are tired of feeling bad about themselves. I focus on how you feel, quality of your life, help you ease pain(hopefully), build consistent habits, and support you as you develop confidence in your abilities.

Your body is not an enemy for you to do battle with, learn a new relationship and show up for yourself.

Together we will get you moving forward on a path that makes sense for what you need, not one that is decided for you based on BS concepts that make you feel awful.

I look forward to working with you! If you are ready to join, consider the pricing options below and select what works for you.

In Wiggles & Wellness,