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Celebrate your body?

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Reclaim Your Radiant Radical Self

Are you ready for 8 weeks of fun fitness, eating without shame, and celebrating everything about yourself?

You don’t have to manage your life on your own, the Radiant Radical Living community is here.

Do you wish you had more energy to enjoy life?

Are you in pain from sitting/standing for your job?

Want to exercise but don’t know how?  

Do you hate having your health defined by your body shape?

Ready to take up space without apology?  

Is smashing the Patriarchy on your to-do list? 

Join the revolution January 2019 and celebrate body diversity with Nancy's body positive approach to health and fitness. We kick the diets, self-loathing, and body shaming bullshit to the curb. You know what your body wants and you are ready to make yourself the priority with creating health and fitness habits that fit your lifestyle. Fair warning, Nancy loves being silly and dropping some curse words as she goes.

I like that it’s not focused on weight loss, diet, or specific gains, but rather on the importance of movement and fitness as a balanced life. I appreciated that there was no shaming, that it was about meeting people where they were, that there’s a realization that some days you gotta hide under the blankets instead of working out, that illness and injury are valid reasons to not work out.
— AJ, 2018 Program Participant

This program is for everyBODY and a safe space away from the stigmas of living in your body. Radiant Radical Living is the premier health and fitness coaching program that gives you 8 weeks of support as well as individual coaching accountability. You’ll make friends from around the world who want you to achieve everything you want for yourself. Together we let go of all the stuff that is holding us back and move forward with a renewed mindset of treating ourselves with appreciation.

Nancy’s programs bring people together via playful approaches to fitness and life. She loves working with people who have little to no experience as well as those who might need a bit of a boost to keep going.

Radiant Radical Living Overview

Resilient Body Positive Woman

Week 1 - Reclaim Your Values

Clarify who you are, what you want, and what is important.

Your values help you design and demand the life you deserve. You build on your integrity, know your voice, and advocate for what you need without doubt.

You'll get the chance to celebrate what you are good at, get support for areas you want to grow, and establish a baseline for your self-esteem.


Week 2 - Resilient Goal Setting

Goal setting with ease, confidence, and action plans.

You'll get accountability and support for creating and setting clear, incremental goals you can accomplish and build a foundation of confidence.

We will work though several methods of goal setting strategies so you use what feels authentic for you. You also get to create a plan for obstacles that will come up. You will feel grounded and prepared for whatever life throws your way.

Nancy is fun, knowledgeable, and always willing to tailor an exercise or an entire program to fit each student’s individual needs.
— S. Richardson


Week 3 - Reveal Your Superpowers

Your values, and goals tell you what habits make sense for you.

You'll learn to start with small achievable tasks that build a foundation toward the new habit(s). This builds your practice muscles and turns you into a superhero.

You'll flip mistakes into opportunities and be curious about new perspectives. Your self-awareness will blossom and since you enjoy your plan, it won't feel like a chore.

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Week 4 - Revel in Your Success

Your foundation is in place and you are ready for movement. You’ve got a community that is supporting you fully.

You have done some of the most challenging work, now it's time to practice. There are many routes to continuing with your curiosity and establishing the ways you can thrive.

This is the mid point of the program, you are now implementing your skills and ready to explore enjoyable movement that benefits your body. The next few weeks we get into creating systems and habits that support fitness for fun.

Body Positive Fitness

Week 5 - Renew Your Movement Relationship

Moving your body doesn't have to be something you dread.

We will create an action plan for enjoyable activities that get your body moving.

You will have the option of working with a 4 week home fitness program that is already designed, or working together with Nancy to design the perfect movement routines. You'll have complete freedom to do as much or as little activity as you desire, there is no shame, judgement, or competition.

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Week 6 -Resist the Obstacles

Is Resistance showing up? You'll learn how to make it work in your favor. We will also discover how resistance training benefits your body.

We will be working on ways to adapt your fitness routine to your schedule and navigate the speed bumps that arise. You'll discover how much confidence you have to handle things with ease and keep yourself moving in ways you enjoy. We will also discover some movement routines that help your body move with less discomfort and more range of motion.

Nourish Yourself

Week 7 - Receive and Relish Nourishment

This week you'll be discovering the ways you can replenish what you need for your body, mind, and spirit.

Nourishment happens on all levels of your life in all areas. We will go into self-care, mindfulness, and our sense of worthiness.

How are you reaping the benefits of the nourishment you give yourself? Are you holding back for any reason at all?

Radiant Thriving Woman

Week 8 - Radiate That Confidence

You have done some hard work, it's time to celebrate!

You'll be taking full ownership of your goals and the habits you've set in place.

In this final week we circle back to complete the process and see the transformations that have happened over the course of 8 weeks. You will have the tools and confidence to continue forward into the year. The best part is you aren't doing it alone, the group stays open for as long as you want to participate. So keep sharing, ask for what you need, and let us celebrate your successes!


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