5 Day Boost to Get Sh*t Done - Goal Setting

5 Day Boost to Get Sh*t Done - Goal Setting

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Can you feel your sense of accomplishment?

Take a moment and have a moment to congratulate yourself for taking the first step in creating goals that you can achieve. The process is all about small steps as you go along. 

On January 7th you will have delivered straight to your inbox, the material that gets you confident and moving forward. Did you know that you don't have to do this alone?

I've created a group on Facebook where all of the content will be available for lifetime access. You can also get all of the content right away through the group. I will be going live every day to discuss the focus material and to be an accountability partner. 

To get the emails and access to the group you need to complete the registration and payment process. Then you will be well on your way toward goal setting success. 

Welcome to your new successes!

Get Started Today!

"I was feeling really overwhelmed with decisions I needed to make. Turns out I was trying to do to many things all at once. Nancy encouraged me to go slowly and take steps that I could easily accomplish. She also got me to look at what I value the most for myself. I finally felt like I could make plans for making my life better." M.E.

Over the course of 5 days we will cover:

  1. Creating and understanding your core values

  2. Visualization practices

  3. Setting goals that matter to you

  4. Creating a “productivity plan”

  5. How to actually reach your goals

I’m Nancy Trunzo, a Professional Health Coach and Fitness Trainer. I work with Middle-Aged Adults (35 – 55) who want to reduce stress, manage their busy lives. ease body aches and pains, eat foods they love, stay active, improve confidence, and enjoy life. I do this by providing health and fitness education based on body affirming practices.
I share methods based on what has worked for me personally as well as with my clients. I have over 20 years’ experience with educating people on a wide range of topics. I love helping people understand themselves better and develop the confidence to fully enjoy their lives. 

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