4 Week Home Fitness Program for Bad Ass Humans

4 Week Home Fitness Program for Bad Ass Humans

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A Fitness Program for Bad Ass Humans

Focus on Feeling Good and Fully Living Your Life

Don’t waste any more money on a gym membership you won’t fully use.

I’ve created an at home fitness program you do on your terms, at your pace, all without the things you hate about the gym.

You’ll get the benefits of regular exercise without judgement about your body, your life, or your diet.

Do you want modifications for injury, illness, or surgery recovery? I can help you choose movements that are safe and have the desired benefits.

Are you brand new to exercise and feel overwhelmed? This program breaks it down for you, day by day, exercise by exercise. I have included visual aids to help you with each exercise so you can accomplish the workouts.

Regular exercise has many benefits: reduced pain from a sedentary lifestyle or aging body, improved self confidence, positive effects on sleep cycles, reducing stress, and being able to do physical activities with more ease and strength.

If smashing the Patriarchy has been on your “to-do” list and you are ready to be a bad ass human, you are ready for the next 4 weeks.

You follow along at home at your own pace, the program is an invitation, you can adapt as much as you desire.

The workouts are designed for smaller spaces with little to no equipment. Nancy does recommend that you nourish yourself, drink lots of water and get creative for using your surroundings for your exercises.

Are you ready to get more movement in your life and see what your amazing body can do?

Become a Fitness Bad Ass

You are ready to build strength, move your body, and find your power.

Before you get started, decide what type of movement feels good/safe for your body. Do you want to be on the floor, sitting, or standing? Consider the area where you will be doing your exercise. How much room do you have or need? Look around your house for items you can use as equipment (chair, cans of food, straps/belts, towel, cushions, books, broom handle, sturdy boxes, etc.). If you want to purchase any items do that shopping now, a few items I recommend as basics are a fitness/yoga mat, foam roller, and lacrosse ball. Equipment I recommend highly include stability ball, resistance bands/loops, and a light set of weights. A sports store and Amazon are good places to look for any of these items.

Included in the program are guides for creating a home workout space, equipment, and a way of tracking your progress. When you are done with the program there is a feedback form I would love for you to share with me.
Also, come to the online community for more support, health tips, and fun conversations. 

If you have questions I'm just an email away. I'd love to hear all about your progress. 

In wellness & wiggles,

Nancy Trunzo