Individualized programs to help your body move with less pain and more strength.

Individualized programs to help your body move with less pain and more strength.

Nancy - The Body Positive Personal Trainer

I believe that your health journey is your own, you are worthy of loving and accepting your body. You deserve to enjoy moving your body in ways that are comfortable, safe, and without shame. You have the right to fitness training without pressure to lose weight, diet, or achieve a particular body shape.

In an industry that is focused on outward looks, I’m going against the grain to provide fitness training for people who are tired of feeling bad about themselves. I focus on how you feel, quality of your life, help you ease pain(hopefully), build consistent habits, and support you as you develop confidence in your abilities.

When you work with me there are no body measurements, no scales, no judgements about food, no food diaries, and no before and after photos (unless you want that).

You choose to work with me because you are committed to developing a healthy relationship with your body, with food, and/or with fitness. We approach your goals from a place of kindness and curiosity. I will recommend modifications for injuries, disability, illness, or anything else life throws your way.

I BELIEVE IN Fitness for EveryBODY

We start with an introductory session so I can learn all about your goals and what you want for yourself.

  • I want to know about your past experience with sports/fitness programs.

  • I want to know what worked and didn’t work.

  • I want to know about all the quirks your body has (injuries, surgeries, illnesses, etc).

  • I want to know about your support system outside of our sessions.

  • I want to know what kind of physical movement you enjoy and how much you get every day.

Fitness and Body Acceptance can exist together. Photo via Representation Matters

Fitness and Body Acceptance can exist together. Photo via Representation Matters


You Don’t Identify as a “Fitness Person

Fitness is as diverse as the individuals. Photo via

Fitness is as diverse as the individuals. Photo via

That’s ok. Fit people are not as similar as we’ve been led to believe. I discovered more about my fitness by wanting to improve my strength and flexibility so I could be a better dancer. Then I realized how much I enjoy fitness and sharing my expertise with others. Now I’m getting into lifting weights, I love it!

Every session we celebrate what your body is capable of and shatter the harmful myths embedded in diet and fitness culture. It’s your own personal revolution!

I believe in your right to thrive in your body and by extension, your life. I am aware that the world is not kind or accepting of fat bodies. I understand that you might want to lose weight because of weight stigma, I will support you on that journey. However, I will not ever suggest weight loss as a way to achieve health.

My role is to create an environment where enjoyable movement is more inviting for your body.


Without inner change, there can be no outer change. Without collective change, no change matters.
— Reverend Angel Kyodo Williams

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Fitness as Self Care and a Revolutionary Act

Fitness is an inside job :)

Rather than punishing your body for being “wrong” or “broken” your quality of life will benefit from our training sessions.

I will encourage you develop internal motivation and discover your fully amazing self.

You can be energized, empowered, and strong in your body.

If you want to enjoy fitness and love your body even more, book a session now.

I can’t wait to work with you.

In Wiggles and Wellness,


Personal Training Pricing

1:1 Sessions Online or at your Oakland/SF Location

Perpetual Thriving Fitness Program
from 320.00 every month

Join the body positive fitness revolution past and present clients are enjoying. You can decide how many times a week we want to meet and we dig in for 3 months to get you moving toward your fitness goals. At the end of the three months you can stay on the monthly plan or adjust to a different one.

  • Customized fitness plan

  • Support (email, Whatsapp, Facebook Group, phone, video chat)

  • Training reviews (monthly or bi-weekly for progressions)

  • Video tutorials

  • Health Coaching Support

Non Refundable

Non Transferrable

3 Month Initial Commitment - $150 Early Cancel Fee

# sessions/week:
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