Goal Setting for People who Get Overwhelmed

Be 100% Confident about Getting Sh*t Done

5 Day Workshop to help you get crystal clear about what you want in 2019


Everyone needs a structure, a plan, and accountability. We aren’t given an instruction manual on how to get things done in life, we are expected to figure it out through trial an error. That is why I decided to provide an “instruction manual” for people who have struggled with accomplishing the goals they have in mind. Your dreams deserve to have light shine on them and be out in the world!

I was diagnosed with ADD in 2017, after both of my children were diagnosed and I was trying to figure out why I struggled so hard to get anything done. Until that point I had coping mechanisms to help me get by, yet I kept feeling like I was spinning my wheels. I had a lot of creative ideas for my business and my life with no clear idea of how I was going to get there.

In 2012, while in grad school for becoming a Health Educator and Coach, I realized I was trying to do too many things at once and I felt like I was losing my mind. I learned that I needed to break things down into manageable steps, build a structure, and go at my own pace. It was such a relief to realize that I could actually take on some really scary goals and get them done.

These days with the combination of understanding how my brain works and how to coach myself I use that expertise to guide others toward their life, health & fitness goals.

The Get Sh*t Done 5 Day Goal Setting Workshop begins January 7th

This workshop is for you if:

  • Tired of settling for outcomes that don’t get you what you want?

  • Do you start off with lots of motivation for goals only to have them fizzle out?

  • Have your previous goals felt boring or lackluster?

  • You want support/accountability/cheerleading?

  • Crave guidance and structure to help you make decisions.

This workshop is NOT for you if:

  • You already have your goals clearly identified and a plan to reach them.

  • You don’t want to be part of a supportive online community.

  • You don’t like journaling or introspection to figure out what you want.

5 days to define what matters most in your life

Imagine how it will feel to have your dreams go from fuzzy to clearly attainable. You will have a road map with your plan for all the steps you need to take to get the outcome that you want. You will be 100% confident in what you need to do in order to stay inspired and motivated. You won’t be doing this alone, you’ll have a community that wants you to succeed.

Remember how I mentioned that I had coping mechanisms in place for managing my goals even with having ADD? I’m going to be sharing them with you and providing daily guidance so you can see exactly how you are going to get things done, how you will feel about, it and what resources you need. I understand what it’s like to live with the sheer overwhelm of daily life and wanting to feed my creative soul. I’ll be right there with you for every step with compassion and humor to keep you going.

5 Days to feel like you can Get Sh*t Done

  • Establish your core values so you can set goals that are congruent with your personality.

  • Visualization for clear goal setting so you can plan for the resources you need to reach your desired outcomes.

  • Setting goals that are 100% yours so you feel they matter to you.

  • Creating a plan that motivates you so you can be excited about what you have planned.

  • Build confidence so you can meet the deadlines for your dreams

When I was struggling with all the things I needed to do, Nancy helped me focus on the steps that I needed to take. Her gentle reminders, patience, and humor encouraged me to keep making progress.
— A.M.

Program Details:

Date: January 7-11, 2019

Where: Online Private Facebook Group(You get the details when you sign up)

What you get:

  • Daily worksheets to guide you along each step

  • Daily video sessions with Nancy

  • 60 Minute 1:1 Focus Session with Nancy (free for participants, typically $75)

Over the course of 5 days we will cover:

  1. Creating and understanding your core values

  2. Visualization practices

  3. Setting goals that matter to you

  4. Creating your Productivity Plan

  5. How to actually reach your goal

This program is only being offered in January 2019 at this Early Bird Price. Program is limited to 20 participants.

If you are tired of being stuck with your motivation and not getting where you want in life, invest in yourself and create your plan.

If you participate fully in the program and are not satisfied, I will happily refund your payment.

Why bother with setting goals?

A goal is a desired result a person or organization envisions, plans and commits to achieve as a result of some sort of development or growth. Goal setting is the essence of life.

  • Goals give you focus.

  • Goals allow you to measure progress.

  • Goals keep you locked in and undistracted.

  • Goals give you motivation.

  • Goals help you grow.

Just for fun - Does your goal setting style have a personality?