What Will You Learn in a Belly Dance Class?

When you start a dance class you might think it’s all about technique. I’ll let you in on a wonderful secret, it is so much more than that. 

You are perfect as you are – Getting yourself to the studio is often the hardest part of getting yourself to class. You have arrived in whatever mental, physical, and/or emotional state you are in. I am grateful to have you. Please share some gratitude for yourself.

Dancing is complicated – Lets face it, being in a body is freaking weird. These arms and legs can sometimes barely keep us upright in the best of times. Now you are being asked to do a variety of different movements that are outside your normal daily routine. Sometimes body parts mutiny or take months to get with the program. It’s 100 % normal. Also, it’s normal for one side of the body to get it and the other just doesn’t. In the words of my yoga mentor, “the sides of the body are siblings, not twins”.

Mistakes are encouraged – We learn through trial and error in all aspects of our life. Dance is no different. You’ll endure a period of doing just about all of it wrong. Then when it works you will feel it and KNOW that it’s correct. There is lots of safe space in class for making mistakes, as your instructor I will be making them as well. Laugh, observe yourself, and carry on.

How to take up space – No apologies. I’ll encourage you to get your arms out there, to get bigger. You will learn how to expand and contract your movement to take up the most possible space and be seen. If being seen scares you, I’ll support you through that experience.

Tune into your senses – Dance is a very sensual experience. It goes beyond technique and choreography. Dance demands that you feel and you dance that feeling. Over time you may come to realize just how demanding dance can be, you just might like it.

How to express your needs – Asking questions about technique is a fabulous way to practice strong communication skills. Although I direct the class as the instructor, I want to be sure to cover what students what to know. The more specific your request the better I can address it. I love complex and layered questions.

Your learning style – If you aren’t already familiar with how you learn best, you will get a better idea in dance class. I offer a range of methods for learning; ranging from auditory, visual, drawing, and feeling. Technique is transmitted from the outside-in, inside-out, top-down, bottom-up, and more. You may even inspire a new approach to learning. I become a better instructor because of my students.

Importance of community – I saved a vital one for last. Each class, each week, is it’s own community meeting. You arrive, you prepare, you pay attention, and you contribute. Even if it is just you and I in the class. We connect through our mutual desire and love of dance. Without community, there is no outlet for sharing what we’ve learned and created. We want to be seen, valued, loved, nurtured, and have connection with others. I will encourage you to become part of the community. Even if you never perform, from the moment you step into a belly dance class, you are part of a wonderful lineage.

I welcome you and look forward to dancing with you. Contact Nancy about class information.