Journey to Belly Dancer of the Year 2018: Pt.1 Registration

After several years of thinking, "maybe" I decided that I'm ready to put my dance skills on stage in two categories of the Belly Dancer of the Year pageant in May 2018. I'll be performing in the Fusion and Belly Dance Soloist categories.  In the past, I've been off camping that weekend and I did not feel that I was ready. This time it's different, and I'm going to document my process using this blog, Facebook, and Patreon.

This past year I gave myself some fabulous gifts, working with artists and utilizing their mentoring & coaching styles to the fullest. Cera Byer and Kellita the Showgirl Shaman, came into 2017 at different parts of the year and their methods helped me develop my training structures and creative focus. I also got the chance to study with Kami Liddle and Mira Betz, living in the crazy Bay Area has its benefits. I've put the time and effort into discovering who I am as a dancer, what my unique talents are and using the tools at my disposal to create dance art I'm proud to share. I've also been taking my health seriously and strengthening my body so it can continue dancing for many decades.

As a sort of trial run, I entered the Fusion Soloist category at a smaller competition, Sirens Fest in Sebastopol. I presented a piece I am very proud of and earned 1st place! Going into the event I felt very confident of what I was presenting. It felt amazing to dance andI could now dance the way I've imagined for many years. If you haven't gotten a chance to watch the video, you can see it below. The music is an edit of two songs, "River (Burns remix) by Bishop Briggs" and "Aint Playin With 'Ya" by District 78".

Since I have time, I'm now looking for the music for Belly Dancer of the Year. For Fusion, I may use part of this fusion set and add some other things around it. I have a great big fan veil I want to play with and, I haven't decided yet. The Belly dance soloist will also be fun to find music for, I have so many favorite Middle Eastern songs. One front-runner is a very well-known piece of music, that has its challenges as the judges will really know if I miss something musically. Although musicality is something I am really good at expressing.

Stay tuned for more of this journey. There are parts of this I want to keep under wraps and will only be sharing through Patreon (see sidebar for button link), however I will continue writing about my preparation and thoughts here. Thanks for coming along!