Mindfulness & Body Awareness Without Sitting Down

Can you be mindful without meditating? Yes.

Although you might think sitting meditation is the way to be mindful, there are so many other ways to develop the skills that benefit your life that are based in mindfulness and awareness of the body. I’m sharing with you the essences of mindfulness so you can have clarity about your life, your goals, your health, and find ways to practice your skills in daily life.

Practicing Mindfulness & Body Awareness:

1.    Set your intention. This will guide your actions. Having goals gives you something to strive for, along with a map for how to reach your destination. Spend a few moments before diving into your tasks and think about what you want to accomplish. Also consider how you want to feel in your body.

2.    Narrow your focus. You are bound to wind up overwhelmed if you try to tackle too much aspects of something at once. Clarify your priorities and pick one project for your starting point. Don’t worry about it being perfect, just do it.

3.    Form a resolution. Make a firm decision about what you are going to do differently today. Aim for something that is challenging, but within your grasp if you make enough effort.

4.    Create a timeline. It may be difficult to listen attentively or give up swearing for the rest of your life, but you may be able to stick to your resolution for an hour or an afternoon at a time. Set yourself up for success and celebrate your accomplishments.

Being Mindful and Practicing Body Awareness without Meditating

1.    Slow down. Rushing around interferes with mindfulness and awareness. Move at a deliberate pace, and take frequent breaks to conserve and replenish your energy stores.

2.    Eat mindfully. Meals are one of the most obvious triggers you can use to remind yourself of anything. As you drink your morning coffee or eat your lunch, go over your resolution for the day.

3.    Be flexible. Actual events may look quite different from what you envisioned when you came up with your goal/plan. Look for ways to adapt the spirit of your resolution to whatever conditions may arise.

4.    Refresh your motivation. Even if you’re short on time, take a few deep breaths and remind yourself of your intention(s) while you’re showering or driving to work.

5.    Help others. Giving assistance builds community and helps you realize that you aren’t in this life alone.

6.    Find a practice buddy. You’re more likely to stick to any type of practice if you feel accountable. Team up with a friend so you can give each other encouragement and feedback. Knowing that someone else is out there rooting for you helps so much.

7.    Join a mindfulness-oriented community. Research places in your neighborhood that might offer mindfulness programs. That could include yoga studios, community centers, and public libraries.

8.    Make friends with yourself. You’ll accomplish more with a gentle and positive attitude towards yourself. Know that you are worthy just the way you are. Consider this the most amazing gift you can give yourself.

9.    Make it active.  When you are moving your body, give it your full awareness. This can prevent injury as well as help you pay attention to physical changes and responses to stress.

10. Use your imagination. Asking yourself questions about what you truly want can help you move out of cycles in your life where you feel stuck. Think like a child, question and wonder about things. This lets your creative mind exercise itself.

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