Seasonal Self Care: Fitness & Happy Holidays

Moving your body is wonderful self care for experiencing happy holidays

The holidays are in full swing with what seems like a gazillion events crammed into a few weeks. It’s tempting to put yourself and your fitness on the back burner, I’m going to encourage you to think and do differently. This is the perfect time to hone your self awareness, take some deep breaths, and practice your self care with confidence. Take the initiative to get some physical movement into your plans, because you're worth it, and your enjoyment of the holidays might depend on it.

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Schedule your time & get creative

If you have a workout routine already, your schedule might need some adjustments, you’ll still find that you feel good when you get to your favorite class or move your body in your favorite way.

  • Schedule yourself appointments and stick to them (as much as possible).

  • Use online videos for when you are traveling or if you have very little equipment.

  • Consider moving your workouts to the mornings if it seems like evenings are getting booked with holiday events.

If you don’t regularly work out, this is a great time of year to start creating a routine that you enjoy.

  • Indoor shopping centers & craft fairs are a great place to walk and be a part of the holiday energy.

  • Explore your neighborhood to admire the holiday decorations your neighbors install.

  • Volunteer for a food bank, assembling meal boxes and helping with canned food drives is great exercise.

  • Animal shelters often need people to play with or exercise the animals.

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Make it a Group Outing/Family Affair

Rather than having your workout be a lonely chore, get others involved and make it a team effort. Then everyone will benefit from a boost to their energy, have fun being playful as a group, and build a supportive network for continuing with exercise in the future.

  • If you are taking a trip to the snow, or you live in it, a snowball fight is great cardio.

  • Outdoor chores count as exercise, get others to help and have a friendly competition to who gets the delicious warm beverages first.

  • Parks and play structures offer a lot of options for adults and kids to move and play games.

Keep it fun, celebrate yourself, and enjoy the benefits.

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