Couch Friendly Workouts

If you have had a surgery or you are immobile due to mobility or chronic health issues, then you may think working out is outside of your reach. The truth is, there are a number of workouts you can do from the couch (or a chair) that can get your cardio up, help with physical therapy, and help you become more mobile.  Here are a few of those workouts, what you need to know about each one, and how they can benefit you. I’ve included a video at the end of this of me doing some of these exercises with variations.

Arm Weight Lifting

One of the easiest workouts you can do from the couch is an arm weight lifting workout. This workout uses small weights (or household objects) as part of an arm workouts. Though this won't work your legs, it will give you assistance with upper body and arm strength that you may not normally have. This is ideal if you are bed or couch bound and your focus needs to be on upper body and arm strength. It also uses very little equipment which can be kept by the couch easily.

Couch Dips

If you are able to move around enough, you can do couch dips. This is great if you are confined to the sofa because of a sick child or because you have to stay in the room for whatever reason. It is also something that is ideal for movie night. Just slide off the couch a bit and use the edge of the couch as your weight bench. Do your arm dips slowly while keeping your ankles crossed. You can do these alongside of other workouts to workout your core and your upper body.

Let it Go!! Release Soreness with Trigger Point Balls

Using lacrosse balls (or any ball) on sore muscles can allow you to ease aching muscles and increase a bit of mobility. If you are interested in purchasing a set you can use the following link, I get a portion of the sale, it helps me keep the blog going.


You may not think of crunches when you think of couch bound workouts. The truth is you can get in a great core workout with your couch easily. Just move your body to the edge of the couch, but stay safe, Lean back and begin bringing your legs up and hold it at your core. You can then do crunches without relaxing and keeping your core active. This can be immensely beneficial if you are trying to work your core and you combine it with your arm lifting and couch dips.

You can also combine these workouts, make slight adjustments, and change the workouts when you start to see a decline in results. As you become more mobile you can use these these workouts to support your developing fitness routine. Even a few minutes a day of movement with the support of your couch can have a range of benefits.

Let me know what ones you tried and if you created any new ones. Leave a comment below.