Bodyweight Exercises are Perfect for Beginners

There are a lot of different types of fitness programs, from those you do at the gym, to at-home workouts. Each of these varies is intensity, type, and benefits. If you are interested in something you can do at home without equipment, bodyweight might be for you. Here are some of the top benefits of doing bodyweight exercises.

You Can do it Anywhere

This is definitely one of the top benefits of bodyweight exercises. You don’t have to leave your home or find a gym. There is no equipment you need to purchase and find a place for, plus it costs you nothing. Bodyweight exercises rely only on your own weight and the intensity you bring to each move. You can do them at home, in the office, at a park or the beach, just about anywhere. While traveling, it is easy to do them in your hotel room or on your balcony, without having to look for a gym or go for a run.

It Works Out Your Entire Body

Another reason to start incorporating bodyweight exercises into your fitness routine is because it can workout your entire body. Most bodyweight moves will target one specific area, but also benefit others as well. For example, elbow planks are often done for your core and abdominal muscles, but your arms, shoulders, and even your leg muscles are also getting a fantastic workout. Moves like jumping jacks, wall sits, burpees, and mountain climbers are similar; they are working multiple muscle groups at the same time.

There is Cardio and Strength Training

Many people believe bodyweight is just for strength training, but a lot of moves provide high-intensity cardio as well. If you don’t like boring cardio workouts, do the jumping and high-intensity bodyweight moves instead! This is when you do the moves that require lifting your body from the ground and doing jumps. There are many different types of jumps aside from just jumping jacks. Plank jacks, punches, and skaters are some other moves that provide an excellent cardio workout.

Use Bodyweight Exercise as part of your routine

When it gets to the point where you want to dedicate more time to doing bodyweight exercises, start by alternating the days instead of doing them every single day. You might want to do them on days when you are not doing cardio, and cut down your weight training, or vice versa. There is a lot of room for flexibility and customizing your workout routines by adding in some bodyweight moves. You can do them just a couple days a week, or every other day with your other workouts. Bodyweight usually doesn’t take a long time, so you can just add another 10-15 minutes to your regular workout routine.

I’ve included two sample workouts below, mix them up, put them together and see what you like.

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