Wellness Wednesday: Unexpected Benefits of Dance

Many of us know about the physical, mental and emotional benefits of dance. I’d like to offer up some other ways that dance could benefit your life, in and out of the studio.

Improves Adaptability

As you learn new dance moves and experiment with them, you build  neural pathways that inform your body how to respond.These situations call on your intuitive sense of knowing. Dance is a form of communication that is rarely stagnant. It can be a great place to experiment with stepping outside of your comfort zone in trying new things. It gets you in the flow of life.

Strengthens Boundaries

When performing, your stage is your space, it becomes a safe place for your expression. Your audience has their own boundary, during a performance you can experiment with moving toward theirs and receiving feedback from them. It becomes a give and take that builds confidence for the dancer in offstage environments. When you feel comfortable with your boundaries you can fully occupy them and not be as influenced to shrink back away from others. This benefit carries over into how you relate to other people with authenticity and confidence.

Builds Trust If you are dancing with a group you develop a level of trust with your fellow dancers. Trust for safety of your body, your creative expression, your abilities, your ideas and you have opportunities to reciprocate. The first two benefits tie nicely into this one. Through your adaptability and knowledge of boundaries you are better able to know how other people can interact and build trusting dance relationships.

With solo dance work the relationship is with the self, communicating with the intuition and creative drive to allow it to guide you. Sometimes the process doesn’t quite work out the way you anticipated yet each time you extend that trust internally, you grow.

Quiet the Inner Critic You know that shaming internal voice, the one that may sometimes sound like a parent? Imagine turning it’s volume down, giving it less room to take up space in your personal creative space. Don’t get me wrong, self critique while learning is a useful tool in moving the creative process forward. Use that self critique to ask if you are perhaps talking to yourself in a way that is not helpful, or perhaps abusive. If you would be upset with someone speaking to a friend that way, chances are it’s not helpful. When the Critic isn’t in charge you will find that you may have more space for expression in body, voice, spirit, and emotions. Allow for mistakes, allow for “oops”, allow for the human experience to move you. So much learning happens in those moments, learning that supports the development of all of these benefits.

Instills Worthiness All of these benefits work in concert with each other to showcase the wonderful, beautiful dancer that is you! A dancer who knows what they have to offer, what they want to learn, and how they present themselves on stage and off. You have a sense of who you are, that your voice and expression matter. You develop a relaxed and open dance posture that invites your audience to enjoy your performance. In your daily life your interactions with people improve as you know where you stand and how you want to relate to others.

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