Avoid Desk Job Aches & Pains: Get Creative With Physical Activity

Let’s face it, sitting all day might work for your bank account but it really does a number on your body. 40 hours a week in the same position is what makes it hard for our bodies to do the things we enjoy. This week I’m sharing suggestions that I’ve personally used to alleviate the aches and pains of a desk job.


Getting to Work

If you drive to work, park at the far end of the parking lot and then walk in the rest of the way to your office building. If you take public transportation to work, get off a stop or two before or after your closest stop and walk to your place of work. Once inside, take the stairs instead of the elevator up to your office (or at least walk a few flights up if working in a high-rise building).

Don’t Get Desk-bound

Although you employer may prize your productivity, you will see diminishing ability to do this the longer you sit at your desk. Put some time in your daily schedule to stand up and stretch for at least five minutes out of each hour, or 10 min every couple of hours. If you have a cordless phone or have a speaker on your phone, get up and walk around while talking. You might find that your attention to the conversation is better if you are moving.

Change Your Scenery

Another way to get in more steps is having a walking meeting with your manager and/or team. Better yet, have social walking time, enjoying the people you work with goes a long way to easing the tension you hold in your body.

At lunchtime, when possible, get outside and find nice place to sit and enjoy your food. Your desk will stay cleaner and your body will appreciate the change in environment. Or eat your lunch and then go for a nice walk.

Workplace Fitness

Ask HR about bringing in a fitness professional for a weekly class for the employees. I work with a delightful group of City employees and they tell me every week how much the class helps them feel better during their work day. They have even started meeting up at other times to continue getting physical activity. I’m so proud of them!

After Work Reset

This is generally a reverse of getting to work. After the workday, walk back down to the ground floor and back out to your car or to the transportation stop.

Find some time for a mental reset, just a few minutes of centered breathing will help you transition from your job focus into the evening ahead.

If you do go to a fitness class, let the instructor know you have a desk job and if you have any cranky body parts because of that. They can offer some great warm ups and modifications to help you get the most out of your workout. 

At-Home Fitness

If attending a class or gym is not for you, consider the 4 week at home program I’m offering that gets delivered directly to your email, it’s full of visual aids and can be personalized to your needs.

Have fun, get creative, and get others moving with you.

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