4 Steps to Avoid Workout Burnout

Whatever your reason for why you exercise, sometimes you may overdo it … intentionally or otherwise. Doing so can have some serious side effects. Exercising realistically can provide these benefits.

Give your muscles time to recover

When we exercise, especially strength training, small tears called micro-tears occur in the muscle fiber. As these repair themselves, the muscle becomes stronger and bigger. However, if you don’t give the muscle rest, it won’t have time to recover. Most experts agree that one day of rest per week is needed to rest and repair muscles. 

Prevent burnout 

Some people train so hard in an effort to reach their fitness goals that they actually do not look forward to training anymore. Everything in life is about moderation and if training is taking up much more than its fair share of your time, eventually you will start avoiding working out altogether. The remedy?  

Include at least one day of rest per week as part of your workout schedule. As far as the length of a workout, do what is right for you so that you can still look forward to each workout.

Add fun variety

Challenge different muscles and keep yourself from getting bored. Because muscles do adapt if doing the same thing over and over, your fitness progress may stall out. By switching to a different routine, it will push your body in different ways. Try a different class at your gym/fitness club, if you tend to go hard learn about foam rolling, if you love yoga learn a bit about using free weights. If you are stumped about what to do reach out to a trainer and ask some questions, they can give exercise variations safe for your body.

Working out for the wrong reasons

Why do you exercise or more pointedly why do you over exercise? You should work out because you want to get fit and healthy, not because you want to fit into size 2 jeans when you are a size 12 now.

Be realistic in your goals. No amount of working out will get you to an unrealistic goal. The end result of overdoing your exercising will be burnout – both physically and mentally. The body cannot sustain overtraining.  

Fitness should not be about a number on the scale, but helping your body move with a bit more ease and most important, feeling good about yourself.

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