Study Belly Dance with Nancy

Learn to shimmy in the comfort of your own home or join me in person.

I (Nancy) took my first belly dance class 15 years ago. Over the years I have learned several styles of Egyptian and American forms of belly dance expression. I use my many years of musical education, fitness certifications and a Master's in health education, to provide enjoyable classes.

What to expect in a belly dance class: 

The warm up: Every dance class starts with a warm up that gets our body moving and challenges the muscles to wake up. It is low impact with high energy. Adjustments and adaptations are suggested based on individual student needs and level of fitness. The warm up adjusts our posture and gets us ready for learning technique.

Technique: Movement is broken down in a variety of ways so each student understands how our muscles and skeleton help us move safely.  I use visual aids, encourage hands on feeling, offer adjustments, and share resources (video, music, etc) outside of class. Each week we build on the material from the previous class. For experienced dancers additional layers of challenge are offered. For beginners we start with the basics and provide lots of enthusiastic encouragement for success.

What to wear to belly class: Be comfortable! Dress in clothing that allows you your full range of movement. (see photo for inspiration). Gym clothes are great. Jeans are not.

You don't have to show off your belly. You can show off your belly if you want.

Bare feet or minimal sole dance slippers encouraged.

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Currently not offering public classes. I’m am available for small group and workshop instruction. You can inquire by sending an email to Nancy.