Nancy Trunzo - Dance, Play, Thrive!

Nancy Trunzo - Dance, Play, Thrive!

What is Dance, Play & Thrive?

Dance, specifically belly dance, brings joy to my life. Movement is how I explore the World,  shift my perspectives, and burn off stress. I love working with people to help them enjoy moving their bodies. 

Play reminds me let go of things that hold me back. I have permission to go "all in" and discover how much fun I can have with whatever I am doing. Play is a corner stone for my fitness training philosophy. 

Thrive is the quality of life I desire. Life isn't always full of pleasant things and I have the moments where I thrive to remind me that I can flourish.

My Journey:

In 2004 after a few years of Yoga and Pilates classes through the local recreation department I wanted a different fitness experience.  A friend loaned me a DVD for belly dance and I was intrigued. I found a local class and invited this friend to come along. I fell in love with the movements and realized that it was exactly what I needed in my life. At the time I had two very young children, my energy was almost exclusively focused on them. I felt like I had very little identity outside of being a mother and a wife. Dance classes helped me develop awareness of myself. 

Over the years my journey has transformed and expanded my life in ways I could not have predicted. I have learned that I have many creative gifts and a passion for helping others. Dance is how I made my way to becoming a professional dance entertainer, dance instructor, health coach, and fitness instructor. 

Ten years later, I completed a Master of Arts in Holistic Health Education. My Capstone project was titled "Coming Home to the Body: A Holistic Curriculum for Belly Dance Instruction." I knew I wanted to do more than just teach a dance format. I wanted to create opportunities for other people to have life transformations. 

Currently, I am teaching fitness classes/workshops all around the San Francisco Bay Area. I am available for online health coaching as well as belly dance training. 

I invite you to discover how to Dance, Play & Thrive in your life!


Dance Education:

American Tribal Style – Began in 2004 in Placerville, CA with Cintia of MANASA.  Also studied with Fat Chance Bellydance instructors.

UNMATA style Tribal Fusion & Improvisational Tribal Style – 2005 – 2007 Hot Pot Studios, Sacramento, CA

Egyptian Style Belly Dance – Began 2008, SF Bay Area- Samar NassarZiva EmtiyazAhavaAdriana

Dancecraft Tribal Fusion w/ Zoe Jakes – 2015 Key of Diamonds Graduate, 2018 Key of Spades

Kami Liddle Tribal Fusion – 2017 Summer Series & dance conditioning

Mira Betz – 2017 Dance Art Intensive

Showgirl Awakening – 2017 & 2018

Cera Byer – Dance coaching, conditioning, and dance hall 2016 –

Qabila Arabic Folkdance Company (Bay Area Chapter) 2018 –

Movement Training & Education

Yoga & Pilates – Since 2002

Conscious Dance Intensives for, Body Mind Centering, 5 Rhythms, Dancing Freedom, & Soul Motion – since 2012

Qi Gong – 2012 – 2013

BellyFit Instructor Training – 2013

Group Fitness Instructor - American Council on Exercise - 2015

Mind-Body Fitness Specialist – American Council on Exercise (Gentle Yoga & Mat Pilates) – 2017

Health Coach - American Council on Exercise - 2017

Zumba Instructor Training – 2017