Looking for fun fitness? Try the Dance + Play = Thrive Formula for success.  

Health and fitness programs designed for every day people. Find joy in movement and discover how to thrive in your life. 

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Are you living with overwhelm, fatigue, or stress?  

Let's work together and put a stop to that. 

As your coach, I provide support for you to develop habits that fit your life, health, fitness, and goals. You decide what type of program you want and I offer resources to support your choices. 

Coaching services available personally in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as virtually. 

Start with a 30 minute consultation to discuss your goals. The focus is entirely up to you, I have experience with life organization, Attention Deficit Disorder, fitness, health, nutrition, as well as dance/performance coaching. 

Nancy is a caring and talented coach who understands the complexities and variation bodies come in!
— A.M.

Are you ready to Dance, Play, and Thrive?

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Rachel C. 

"I love dancing with Nancy! Dancing in her bellydance troupe Urban Flowers, has been a fun and healing journey. She is a wonderful dance teacher, and her style is very nurturing. I connected with Nancy at a time when I was just burned out from the competitive nature of the dance community I was involved in. Honestly, I was feeling depressed and disconnected from other women. Also, I am 52 and had been discouraged from performing because of my age. Thank Goddess I decided to go to Nancy's classes. She holds a space where all people are encouraged and supported to be the best dancers possible. I found a place to dive deep into the arts, and be part of a healthy community of women. If you want creative inspiration and challenge, while being nurtured and encouraged I suggest you Dance Play Thrive"

Mona M. 

"Dance classes usually make me feel self-conscious and uncoordinated. Nancy makes all of her students feel welcome and relaxed and she creates fun, easy choreography. This allows for less worrying and more freedom to enjoy movement. And her playlists are the best - always unique, interesting and uplifting.

Steven S. 

"I have taken a couple of Nancy's dance workshops, and she has done a great job of creating a warm, welcoming, non-judgmental environment. Her music choices are inspired and fun. Also she's just such a kind person; it's always a pleasure to interact with her."